Were it Began....

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

"Do you believe everything happens for a reason?"

I Joined Hugh Baird College back in 2015 and started out on Level 2 Media Makeup 5 years ago I loved creating designs and I made my own dress for the final piece of work. I loved this course but didn't progress on to level 3.

next steps:

After not progressing on to level 3 Media Makeup, I went on to Beauty Therapy level 2 where I learned new skills about the body. I enjoyed this course as well but after some struggles, I just manged to get through the course itself. I began to understand that I may not get on to level 3 this is because I needed to learn every bit of the human body, I started to take interest in Business Admin I thought if I was going to have my own business one day it be a good idea to learn basic skills of a Business.

After level 2 Beauty I found myself Joining Business Admin Level 1 as I didn't understand how to run an office. This course taught me a lot and brought out my creative side a lot, I designed many Posters and signs for the Admin office specially on Level 3. by the end of level 3 I had been Class rep for 3 years in a row and was second from student governor by time I finished my course on Business Admin.

progressing Higher....

"I made it"... that was my though when I got my place in University. I never thought I was good enough, I got place on year 0 of Business Management I was excited. I was told it may not be what I wanted, I had much skills in creative and this was paperwork only.

I was half why through my course and started understand what my teacher told me before about it not beginning enough for my skills.

Each day I passed another class that was photography and making filming I knew that's were I needed to be.

Right Choice.... My Right Path is my next topic please join me

Dani xx

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