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Daniella Murphy

TE1052 Sound for the Moving Image

My Sound Replacement clip:

The Original Clip it starts from 3:18 to 5:11 -

Jurassic world

Jurassic world is one of my favourite films of all time, it is film number four out of the Jurassic park films. When making the choice to use Jurassic world as my sound replace project it was to do with the fact I had listened to the sounds from the films and wanted to have a chance to put my own touches on them.

The history of Jurassic world.

Jurassic Park was first released back 1993 written by Michael Crichton and directed by Steven Spielberg. The film is about a man called John Hammond who created a park on an Island called Isla Nublar, full of dinosaurs this was his dream he invites 3 people to the island to see if they approve the park.

According to Nick Riganas when The visitors arrive at the park there wide-eyed excitement of the dinosaurs turn into pure horror, when the palaeontologist, Dr Alan Grant, the palaeobotanist, Dr Ellie Sattler, and the cynical mathematician, Dr Ian Malcolm, they come face-to-face with ferocious primeval reptiles on the loose, after a devastating malfunction. Now, the ultimate apex-predator, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, is on the hunt for fresh meat. Can they escape from the terrors of Jurassic Park?

After the icon was born the legendary T’Rex it was at hit, two more films on the Jurassic park

movies where released the lost world given us two T’Rex’s and a baby this was the return of Dr Ian Malcolm but he found him self on a different island full of dinosaurs running free, however this time he was going to bring his girlfriend home after John Hammond contacted her about a huge threat to the dinosaurs being removed from the island. One again they become the hunted after they save a baby T’rex and bring it back to there trailer, but they weren’t just being chased by the T’rex they find themselves in the middle of a group of raptors as well can they get out alive.

My choice

After thinking on different films to replace such as the Hobbit and Man of steel even though I love these two films as well I just felt I could have more fun with the Jurassic park/ Jurassic world I watched all the films but only came out with two scenes that I would chance the

sounds on and doing voice over on the first one being from the first Jurassic park and scene I picked out was when the T’rex first escaped and they are in the cars the second of was Jurassic world which is number 4 in the Jurassic park stories and the scene I chosen was freeing the T’rex to fight another dinosaur. I watched these two clips over and over until it felt right on which clip, I was going to choose. Before I finally pick the clip, I searched for different replacement sounds for the clips trying each sound I picked I than decided the battle clip was the one I was going to use this was because there were less sounds in the first clip over the second one.


When I finally made my choice on the clip, I still wasn’t 100% that it would fit with the pictures and sounds. It puts a lot in your head such as will it be good enough or will I make a bit worse it has a huge effect on the feelings you have, even though you have a bit of confidence that you can make it work. Because of the effect it was having I made an unseen thread clip to see if I could make the Jurassic world clip work, this helped me a lot and I was so proud of the clip I knew now if I put my heart into it I could make it good, but did it that is the question I ask myself. I know I could most likely of done much better if I had though more about each induvial detail.


Looking at the good and the bad experiences while doing the clip I have to say it was hard I had never done sound replacement before and I worried I would wreck an icon scene from Jurassic world.

What was good about making the sound replacement- what I enjoyed most about doing the sound replacement I enjoyed looking for sounds that I could put in the place of the original ones. I replace a lot of the sounds including the roar from the T’Rex with her original roar from Jurassic Park, yes, the T’Rex is the icon herself from 1993 movie so I believed she needs her first roar.

The bad there wasn’t much bad mainly it was the worrying of making sure that I pick the best sounds for the clip I had chosen and searching for the sounds was difficult to locate as well the voice over was difficult the most trying to fill the characters I found that very hard.



I believe I could search for more sounds to put into the clip to give it a bit more of a loud bang instead of a normal bang. Also, with the voice over I could have practice it a bit more to get the passion in the voice like Claire herself and maybe even rehearsed the lines with my colleague so it would have sounded much more like the scene itself.

Action Plan

· Opening scene – use a moving clip instead of still image.

· Finding my own music that isn’t part of the movie

· Voice over research it more and practice it, so it sounds more like the clip than just someone speaking normally

· Locate a lot more sounds to put in instead of just the main sounds

Watch more and more and see if you can put extra sounds In the clip to make sound better and stand out so much more.

word count 1022

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