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Updated: Nov 4, 2020

What makes a good film? There are many different things that make a good film weather it is the characters of the film or the music behind the film which gives you the emotion feel of what going to happen alone the way.

However, the film can’t just be made by the two I have just said, film needs composition, framing, and one of the most important thing the film needs is the foley along with many other angles to bring it to life such as the title of the film and even the plot some we are going to look over while talking about the man of steel opening title, but were to start?

First let’s talk about the plot of man of steel According to rotten tomatoes 2013 the plot to man of steel tells use about how the destruction of krypton forced Jor El and his wife Lara El to part with their son Kal El to help save their race. They sent their son in a space craft which landed not far from the Kent’s farm were Jonathan and Martha found and raised him as their own child and gave him the name Clarke Kent. When Clarke became an adult, he learned of his abilities and were he came from. He now must make a choice to become a hero and protect the people he cares about from danger.

That is the plot they have as I said there are many different ones According to Movie fone 2013 their plot is a bit smaller than the one above they get right to the point of the story. When a boy learns he has powers he is forced to face them, and soon finds out he is not from this world. But that doesn’t stop him discovering where he’d belonged however a threat soon makes him find the hero in himself and emerge wearing a symbol of hope for all of mankind and to defend his home and loved ones. So, there are different plots to the movie…

What genre is the movie, according to rotten tomatoes 2013 the genre of man of steel is multi different ones which are Action, ScFi, Adventure and Fantasy.

We are going to talk about the narrative that is used within the film and what sort of elements are used. The Link below is the open sequences of man of steel which are putting the information together about.

At the start of the opening sequence it begins with music this is known as the score it is used to catch the audience’s attention and then the background starts out as black with tiny bit of light. Appearing then is the title of the company that has published the film and owns the rights to the film, this means you can be fined or even sent to jail if anyone uses anything within the movie for their own again without written consent. Warner Bros pictures what do we know about who they are.

Well according to Warner Brothers 2020 they are a global leader in the marketing and distribution of feature films, they have offices around the world within 30 different countries and have released 120 films international to different locations such as theatres. In 2008 warner brothers joined forces with New line cinema, the coordinates its development along with production, marketing, distribution, and business affairs into one, this maximise film and performance into new lines in 2016.

In the opening before the music starts you can hear the rumbling with wind like sounds then the score starts slowly with the screen moving. It starts off as dark with a little bit of light, as you watch it become clear and begins to chance getting lighter with clouds and stars speeding past, it becomes clear its a spacecraft. The lighting is Sharpe, but it is still very dark. However, with the screen moving forward it becomes clear you are looking through someone eyes. The scene than chances to a fast moving light heading across space this symbols the spacecraft and it is heading to earth with a loud rumbling this sound is used to make the spacecraft feel real to the audiences, the camera frame for this is known as very long shot and straight this gives you the angles and information on where the spacecraft is heading. Before the craft enters the planet, a voice begins to talk the person is a reporter for the news which is on the tv and radio. This starts just before the clip chances into the spacecraft being close however you can see the spacecraft shape in the light itself speeding up as it enters earth, the sound of the spacecraft gets louder. The clips from the begin is sending a message, that whoever or whatever is in the spacecraft is not from their planet. As the sequence goes further into the clip it then shows it’s a news report on tv talking about a person seeing the bright light flying across the sky the reporter is explaining that people think it’s a UFO. Each clip gives you some information and gives you an insight on what to expect from the film itself, as the clip moves to its next part of the clip the score is a bit louder but still soft to catch audience interest as well, in this part the sun is setting which gives that orange yellow and dark sky colour around it. There is an adult with a kid playing in grass with a farm nearby, this says to me its about a family, this shout is known as a very long shot this to show much of the surrounding at more clear view as a landscape. Then we move on to more later down the line were a reporter is talking about a young boy called Clarke Kent as a athlete at the age of 11 he is special the scenes show parts of Clarke life different awards he won alone with newspaper clips of him, the frame used for this part of the clip is medium close up with movements to see different part of the collection of awards he had won through the years. The clip than jumps into the future starting with an extreme long shot of a city rolling into an handheld shot of a building on fire with man falling and something flies by and saves him very fast the camera follows the figure there is also a report speaking as well about it and again its clear to be the news on tv telling people of tis figure of a man who is saving people and protecting the world, this is followed by a newspaper article of another save by this super hero calling him a streak because he was fast. We than move onto the next part of the clip of building focus from above this is known as a top shot at a mid-shot the building it is looking upon is important to the film and the location as well, as we continue on their another article regarding the streak saving someone else. The reporter on the tv or radio begins to talk about the streak calling him a hero they also revealed that the build we seen a bit earlier is the newspaper building. while look at the importance of the headline of the newspaper and the name on it as being a reporter called Lois Lane this is shown to us as a shoot called the Big close up this means that Lois is a key part of the story. Than the clip moves on to the suit with a tilt shoot with a close up showing the symbol of an S which gives us the key point to the hero and then finally we are above the city with the flying man as he watches over the city below. The closing shows us the symbol again and fades into the title of the movie itself.

Key points:

· They talk about a spacecraft being seen by a man.

· The Farm in the field were an adult and child walking

· Report talks about a boy call Clarke Kent who has won a lot of awards

· Building on fire as man falls a streak flies by and saves him.

· Showing the name Dailey Planet at top of a building

· A lot of newspaper articles and reports of miracles happening

· Lois Lane on the bio of a newspaper tells me she has an important part in the story.

· Then the symbol itself of an S on the suit of the hero.

This are clear points within the sequence that give clues to what is to come in the story.

What do the audience want from a film let me explain According to Contractor. Z 2016 the audience wants to have an experience that has an emotional, funny, or scary reaction, however what is it they look for in this experience to give them a good film and why? Each film is different, and the director looks for to say a job well done. A director wants to give the audiences an experience to remember and the experience is made up as three main important ingredients which are concept, character, and great story to make sure the audiences comes back again and again.

What is Narrative within film let me give you an insight on this According to film and philosophy 2020 David Bordwell said that narrative is a chain of events such as different events happening within time and space. The centre of narrative is time and space films may also use it different ways, things like parallelism are made up of two different lines of action that are intercut to give us a chance to compare and check the contrast as well. However there are different types of ways to use narrative one of them is know as Network narratives they are linked up through different purpose such as Pulp, Fiction, Babel , crash, etc these show the parallel lines which are linked to action and conceal which are casual links and very popular as well.


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